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Welcome Fox 45 Viewers

Welcome Fox 45 Viewers

Thank you for watching my segment on this week’s Hot Deals.  If you missed it, here is the replay.

If you are committed to saving money on your grocery bill, be sure to follow me on Twitter and become a fan of Coupon Scribbles Facebook Page.  You can also sign up to get emails with each posting.    If you watched my segment and you really want to get started with couponing…Awesome! Money is hard to come by and I have found ways to keep in your pocket and still be able to eat very well.  You will learn a LOT while you are here so check back often!

 How can Coupon Scribbles help you?

I post several items each day that are designed to save money.  Most of the items posted are great online and grocery store deals with a ton of freebies.  I also post drug store deals and show you how to develop your savings strategy.  I also post weekly coupon match ups that will allow you to get the biggest bang for your buck.  Would you like to go to the store and come out with bags of items having only paid $5 or $10 dollars? 

If you are new to couponing it is best to start slowly.  I know several years ago I went out there like a crazy woman and became very discouraged.  The biggest thing to remember is that you are saving money.  Even if you start off saving 25% on your grocery bill, that a great thing.  Compare it to the previous week when you paid full price.  That is a savings.  It will pay off for you if you stick to it.

Each week on Fox 45 I will walk you through some of the week’s most delicious deals.  Start with those and when you feel more comfortable tackle the ones listed on the website.  Each store has their own set of rules.  Don’t be intimidated by that.  It’s the same as going from one job to another.  Each has their own ways of doing things. 

Think you don’t have time for coupons?  You don’t have time and money not to!  You can do a few coupons and save $10 a week on groceries.  That’s $520 each year and couldn’t you use that money to buy extra holiday presents right now?  If you follow the information I have on this website you will save much more than that.

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Take time to look through the website and get a feel for it.  There is a lot of information here so make sure you have time to look around.  Bookmark the site so you can come back often.  I post several things each day. Look at the columns on the website.  There are online coupon services where you can print out your coupons.  These are the same as the coupons you get in your Sunday Newspaper.  It just arms you with more coupons to save even more money.  Cellfire allows you to load up your Kroger Plus Card.  They make it very easy.  The 2010 Coupon Schedule is listed here.

Load your Kroger Plus card by going to the left column for Cellfire and selecting the coupons you want.  What’s the advantage?  Loading up your Plus Card allows you to save money from the card and then you can match those savings with the coupons you are taking to the store anyway.  The result? Lots of good savings. 

You can also go to RedPlum and and print out even more coupons to take to the grocery store.  Go here and here to check them out.

Want to find freebies?  Go here and click through all of the freebies that I have listed.  I would stick with the ones in the current month.

Interested in hosting a coupon class for your church, work or Mom’s group?  Go here for more information.

Thank you for visiting my site.  I hope that you enjoy it.  See you again next week!

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Julia is a semi retired nurse who is developing an interest in frugal living and coupons in order to prepare for retirement. Mother of 2 and grandmother of 1 her house is always full of people since both her children and their spouses live at home with her. You would think that having a house full of people would make things cheaper but somehow it doesn't, so savings are the way to go.