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Valentine's Day and Children's Teeth

Valentine's Day and Children's Teeth

As we approach candyland also known as Valentine’s Day remember your children’s teeth.  There will be a lot of candy given and received for this day.    Valentine’s Day is the third largest chocolate candy-selling holiday, with Americans buying 48 million pounds of chocolate candy during the week of Valentine’s Day.  Further, in recent years, U.S. Census Bureau data indicates that Americans consumed 24.5 pounds of candy per capita during Valentine’s Day. So, with children inevitably eating tons of sugary treats in the upcoming month of February, it’s important to reinforce healthy oral care habits for children so their “sweet tooth” doesn’t turn into a “toothache.”  Here are a few tips from Dr. Jennifer Salzer, a New York based Dentist and Mom to four:

  • Tooth decay is STILL the single most common chronic childhood disease – five times more common than asthma and seven times more common than hay fever.
  • Frequent consumption of simple sugars, which can be found in chocolates and candy, is significantly associated with increased tooth decay risk.
  • February is Children’s Dental Health Month (CDHM), a perfect time to educate parents on the importance of children’s oral health.
  • They are also a frugal choice, retailing for about $3.29, considering the money they will save in dental bills it’s a great deal.

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