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Upcoming Review with CSN Stores for the Holidays

Upcoming Review with CSN Stores for the Holidays

I’m finishing up my Bachelor’s Degree after a few …ahem……stops.  So when I went back to school last year it was fun purchasing notebooks, pens, and highlighters just like I did for my highschooler.  There are so many things to choose from but you always have to see if you can really use them.  I found that those books can be heavy.  I tried the regular backpacks but I fell in love with the sling backpacks.

They are so much easier and it makes the items in your bag not as heavy.  And they are very stylish too.  I like carrying one because they stand out.  And I love standing out :)

I have also been checking out the yoga bags.  I took a few yoga classes and now I’m hooked.  I’m thinking about reviewing one of those because if you are going to do something you must have all of the tools!  I think of it as exercise with a relaxation element.  There are many types of yoga so I will have to try them all out to know which one is for me.

In the next few weeks I will have the review to share with you.  As you are getting your holiday shopping done look through the CSN Stores and I bet you will find a great present for someone on your list.  It’s getting so cold outside so do your shopping from the comfort of your own home.

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