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Tuesday's Tips – Save Money with Freezing

Tuesday's Tips – Save Money with Freezing

I have always wanted to learn how to freeze and can.  I’m still working on the canning portion but freezing food is a great way to save money.  Sometimes I go a little over board and cook too much.  We don’t usually go back for leftovers the next day.  That’s usually too much.  But if I freeze it and circle it back around in a few weeks – :)

When freezing food you have to have the right container.  If you don’t, you might as well take your plate and put it in the freezer – yuck freezer burn.  Here are a few ideas of the right container:

  • Use empty pickle jars. 
  • Buy inexpensive canning jars at Walmart
  • Tupperware bowls
  • Vacuum saver bags
  • Plastic bags specifically for freezing
  • Reuse butter or sour cream bowls

Do you have a great tip for freezing food?  Share it with us below by replying.