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Tuesday Tips – Rid Your Home of Burned or Smoky Smell

Tuesday Tips – Rid Your Home of Burned or Smoky Smell

We just finished the party season but of course we have March Madness, Birthdays, Easter and Mother’s Day on the Horizon.  Anytime we get a group of family members together someone smokes.  None of us in the immediate family does but we do have a few people who do in the family.  That smell seems to linger around the house and it becomes very smelly for a few days.  How do you get that smell out of your house.  Air fresheners can sometimes be like putting on perfume with body odor.  Ick!  Try these things before you run for the air fresheners. 

  • Soak a towel with vinegar, wring it out and walk around the room spinning it until the smell is gone.
  • Use a pan and add water and cloves and let it simmer
  • Keep open a can of coffee for a day or so to absorb the smell

How do you remove odors from your home?

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