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Thursday Giveaway Link Up September 2nd

Thursday Giveaway Link Up September 2nd

It’s so big we need a few days to get everyone on the list.   All the giveaways to enter in ONE place.  So plan on spending some time entering them all!

Want to get signed up to win but don’t know where to go?  Tune in each week to find where the goodies are.  The list below will show you where to enter to win!  Be sure to let me know about all of the goodies you get. 

Do you have a giveaway going on?  Fox 45 Viewers will check out your giveaways after hearing me mention it on the air.  Get yourself linked!!

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Julia is a semi retired nurse who is developing an interest in frugal living and coupons in order to prepare for retirement. Mother of 2 and grandmother of 1 her house is always full of people since both her children and their spouses live at home with her. You would think that having a house full of people would make things cheaper but somehow it doesn't, so savings are the way to go.