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Saturday Scholarships Giveaway for September 26th

Saturday Scholarships Giveaway for September 26th

I am starting a new entry called “Saturday Scholarships Giveaway.” Here’s the deal…

I’m offering a $5 Paypay Scholarship to the winner. The Scholarship will help you get started on your Sunday Coupon Deals. All you have to do to get an entry into this giveaway is post a comment on my blog, Tweet and/or Facebook fan page here.

The dinner will be chosen at 8pm EST on Saturday Evening. The winner will have 30 minutes to contact me before we will choose another winner. All entries via blog comment, Tweet and/or Facebook fan page. Tweets must carry the words “Bootcampmommy has a Saturday Scholarship Giveaway at ”

You must also have Paypal to receive the Scholarship if chosen.

Winning Entry will be chosen via

You can’t win if you don’t play :)