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Online Clothing Exchange

If you are like me you love saving money on clothing too.  The little ones grow out of their things so quickly.  I find it hard to keep up sometimes.  My son went through a pair of dress shoes for church that he had to have only worn 3 times.  Talk about money out the window.

Recently I found out about thredUP which is an online clothing exchange program.  It allows you just swap the clothing that you cannot wear anymore.  It’s a very neat program.  You can list items you no longer wear, set preferences for items you want, and thredUP handles the rest (pre-paid, home delivery, frugal and hassle free).  Think: the convenience of netflix meets the affordability of consignment shopping.  On oh how I love consignment shopping.  Yes- another money saver.

Go here to check them out.  The first 1000 people who sign up get their first swap for free.

I received no compensation for including this information.  I passed along this service for informational purposes to my readers.