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Nutrisystem End of Week 12 – Thankgiving Day Edition

Nutrisystem End of Week 12 – Thankgiving Day Edition

I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving Day.  I am happy to report that I didn’t do my normal 2-3 plates of assorted foods and desserts.  I actually didn’t even want it at all.  I did eat some turkey which was yummy but I had my Nutrisystem Ice Cream for dessert.  If you remember I started the Fresh Frozen line and it includes some great desserts such as Ice Cream.  It tasted so good I thought I was cheating :)

For breakfast I had an omelete with ham and cheese.  Sounds pretty tasty doesn’t it?  And it was.  It’s great to try new foods on the program that is still designed for weight loss.  Nutrisystem has an awesome new program with thee Fresh Frozen line. 

Although I did not lose any weight, I didn’t gain which is the bottom line for me.  I certainly didn’t want to go backwards.  I made it through one of the biggest eating frenzy days possible without feeling bad about how much I ate.  The best part about Nutrisystem is it that it is helping me make better choices.  Before I would have just ate it not that I was truly hungry for it but because it’s what I normally do.

16 Pounds Lost – Holding Steady

Nutrisystem is sponsoring me for the next three months. I will be blogging, Facebooking and Twittering my progress on a weekly basis.

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