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Nutrisystem End of Week 11 – Turkey on the Way

Nutrisystem End of Week 11 – Turkey on the Way

At least for some people, turkey is on the way but I think I will be ok this year.  It’s not that turkey is extremely bad for you.  I’m trying to stick as close to the program as possible.  I know myself and if I use it as an excuse then there will be one after the other that will derail my progress.

I’m enjoying my journey going towards becoming slim.  I think if you keep your eye on the goal like swimwear season next spring it helps to keep you on track.  I’m looking forward to buying all new things.  Hopefully I can find some good sales.

This week I will try the Nutrisystem “Fresh Frozen” line.  It was delivered this week in the cooler and is ready to go in my freezer.  There is Ice Cream!!!!! Yay I can’t wait!  I also saw French Toast and just all kinds of goodies.  So I’m going to start it tomorrow.  I think it’s great timing with Thanksgiving because I will be trying all new foods :)

This week I lost 1 pound which I’m still proud of.  I keep moving right along and in the right direction!


16 Pounds Lost

Nutrisystem is sponsoring me for the next three months. I will be blogging, Facebooking and Twittering my progress on a weekly basis.

Disclosure: All products have been supplied by Nutrisystem as part of their Nutrisystem Nation Blogger Program . Views expressed here are my own.

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