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Mother’s Day Gift Guide – Tips from Whole Foods

Mother’s Day Gift Guide – Tips from Whole Foods

Don’t you just love Whole Foods.  I’m so glad they have some coupons now too. When you want to find healthy foods all in one place Whole Foods is the place.  I’m a Vegetarian and I love going there to find things that are hard to find in the regular grocery stores.

Mother’s Day is almost here! May is the perfect month to show the #1 lady in your life how much you appreciate all her years of love and support. Moms are awesome. The endless hours awake over every bad dream, the countless kisses to scraped knees and bandages to heal both physical and emotional woundswhere would we be without our moms?

Mother’s Day isn’t about lavish gifts and grand gestures, it’s about crayon scribbled “I Love Yous” and warm hugs and kisses. This year show your mom or the mother of your children (pay attention Dads!) how much you care by keeping it simple and homemade with Whole Foods Market’s fun and affordable tips for the best Breakfast in Bed your mom could ever imagine.

Some fantastic and affordable ideas from Whole Foods Market are just what your mom ordered Sunday morning.

* WHIP EM AND FLIP EM. Pancakes aren’t only fun to eat, they’re fun to make. Gather the kids around the stove early Sunday morning to make heart shaped pancakes that will bring a smile to any mothers face. Try 365 Everyday Value Pancake Mix.

* BREW UP SOME LOVE. There’s nothing that makes waking up more enjoyable than a fresh pot of delicious coffee. Turn on the pot and make some yummy Allegro Breakfast Blend for the perfect good morning this Mother’s Day.

* KEEP IT WARM AND HEALTHY. Is your mom the type to grab a quick breakfast then hit the road for a brisk jog? Keep it healthy this Mother’s Day with the warm aroma of 365 Everyday Value Oatmeal with healthy ingredients that will give your mom the boost she needs to start her favorite day of the year.

* ADD IN SOME FRUIT. Nothing tops off the perfect breakfast than some yummy OJ and fruit spread on wheat toast. Hit up Whole Foods Market for the best fruity additions for Mom’s feast including 365 Everyday Value Orange Juice and Fruit Spreads.

* TOP IT OFF WITH FLOWERS. Nothing says “I love you” like some beautiful roses. Dress your Mom’s breakfast spread with some beautiful and inexpensive Fair Trade Roses from Whole Foods Market sure to bring a tear to your mother’s eye and also spread the love around the planet.

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