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Mothers Day Gift Guide – Reduce Your Stress

Mothers Day Gift Guide – Reduce Your Stress

Name of the Product Reduce Your Stress, Month by Month Stress Reducing Strategies

Price of Product  $9.99

Where it can be purchased Diana Fletcher’s Website


Stress is wearing you out and wearing you down.

If you do not start to reduce your stress, you are making a choice that will influence the rest of your life. Your health will suffer and thereby affect everything else. The good news is that you can reduce your stress in a manageable way!  We often make the mistake of trying to make too many changes all at once. This book will teach you ways to take one step at a time, using a monthly format to match the moods and feelings you may experience throughout the seasons.


As a Mom I know that I need to reduce stress.  Last week I was treated to a day at the spa by my oldest daughter and it was great for that time but give it two days (or less) and you are back to your stressful ways.  What you need to do is to learn how to reduce your own stress.  Diana’s book is a perfect gift for yourself or those who will be buying their favorite Mom a gift for the Mother’s Day.

Each month of the year is broken down for you with real tools to help you. I love the format because the book becomes more of a reference book than a read through and put down.  Each month you will pick up the book and find out what tips Diana suggests.  For April she suggests going hiking or even to the movies by yourself. Have you ever done that?  I have once and I LOVED it!  I went to see the Michael Jackson movie and had a big buttered popcorn and diet coke to myself.  No sharing.  It seem very self indulgent but I will definitely do again.  It just helps to refresh yourself.  One of the other tips is to find an inside golf place.  Golf is relaxing anyway and don’t let the weather stop you from enjoying it.  You will absolutely love this book.  It’s perfect for any Mom on your list – even your play Mom :)

I received a sample of this product to review at no charge but my opinions are not influenced in any way by this fact. They are my own.

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