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Mothers Day Gift Guide – PortaPocket

Mothers Day Gift Guide – PortaPocket

Name of the Product PortaPocket

Price of Product  from $8.95 and up

Where it can be purchased PortaPocket Website or


This mom-designed new problem-solving accessory has high utilitarian value for many day to day activities, including exercise & travel, and for wellness & health purposes, too! PORTAPOCKET is a streamlined & lightweight strap-on carrying case system which safely, comfortably transports small items of personal importance ON the body without risk of theft, loss & inconvenience. Extremely useful in these economic times with rising thefts. Discreetly carry valuables like keys, credit & business cards, ipods/mp3s, cell phones, passports, gym passes, etc. Gals who enjoy dancing are also assisted when they’d rather keep their items in close reach (IDs, $, lipstick, tampons, etc) as opposed to having these things in their purses…wherever they left em! Also ideal for medical devices like insulin pumps, inhalers & EpiPens for those with life-threatening allergies. Go about your day with confidence.  PortaPocket components are crafted from washable neoprene, and are available in black or beige.


It’s really the times we live in.  I remember my Mom telling me to keep my purse close to me when I was in a place with a lot of people.  Now the crooks can find ways to take it anyway.  It seems like if they see it they are enticed by what they think may be in there.  I may only have $5 in my wallet but it can still be stolen for more than the money.  Credit cards, checkbook and other personal items can be stolen quickly. That’s why I love PortaPocket so much.

Sometimes I run into the YMCA to take a class and you don’t really want to go to the locker rooms.  I just want to work out but still have my things close to me.  PortaPocket is right there with me. I put my key, a few bucks and my cell in there.  Don’t worry about it falling.  It’s not going anywhere.  It’s perfect also for festivals and things where you want to be free of the purse.  Be Free of the Purse!!!! Get PortaPocket for your Mom.  She will love it.

I received a sample of this product to review at no charge but my opinions are not influenced in any way by this fact. They are my own.

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