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Mothers Day Gift Guide – Clutter Free Buying Tips

Mothers Day Gift Guide – Clutter Free Buying Tips

Ok I admit to having some things that people would consider clutter.  I keep things like my children’s old clothes and ‘art’ work longer than I should.  Especially the gifts I receive. I try to hang on to them because they jog the heartstrings. 

Karen Meade, owner of Let’s Go Organizing has a few tips to help Moms remain clutter free this Mother’s Day.  Ok ladies take this to heart! Give them to those gift buyers too :)

1.  Gift certificates are always welcome.  A manicure, pedicure, or facial are always welcome gifts.  Perhaps a massage is on order for the maternal woman in your life.  Perhaps a gift certificate for a movie, popcorn, and some chocolate snacks would be appreciated.  Be sure to check for any additional fees that may be incurred by the recipient.

2.  Give your time and talent to your mom, aunt, grandma, sister, or other special woman in your life.  Help to cross off household projects they are unable to complete on their own.  A thoughtful gift of videoing them speaking about their own childhood stories is priceless.  What a treasured gift for years to come!  Perhaps they would welcome someone sitting down with them and helping them to organize their photos for generations to enjoy in the years to come.  

3.  A wonderful clutter free gift idea is to give tickets to an experience.  Perhaps your local symphony has an upcoming performance, or a fantastic musical is in town.  Would this woman love tickets to a sporting event, or even a membership to a local museum?  What a great way to make memories, while helping them to remain clutter free.

4.  Donate to the recipient’s favorite cause.  Perhaps the local children’s shelter, the American Red Cross, the American Cancer Society, or even the ASPCA. 

5.  A consumable is a great clutter-free gift idea.  A lovely bottle of wine, a decadent box of chocolates, or a batch of homemade cookies to be shared is sure to be appreciated.

Wonderful tips from the queen of organization.  Check out her website here at Let’s Go Organizing  


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