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Kids and Physical Activity During The Spring

Kids and Physical Activity During The Spring

Are you ready for the fun in the sun?  I know that I am.  The snow and just the brutal cold temperatures have been brutal. I found myself counting down the days till spring.  When the groundhog came around and said 6 more weeks of Winter, I was not happy.

With the spring comes the need to plan activities for the kids. We moved in October so this is the first spring in this neighborhood and I have been observing the children and how they play.  You know how it is when you move to a new area.  There are groups of kids (and adults for that matter) who know each other well enough to come by and get their friends and go play.  Even though my kids go to school in this area, playing at home is a little more unique.  It’s a pretty large community.

That being said I want my kids to get the exercise they need.  They want to run and play and they are slowly making friends.  Our neighbors do not have kids so it makes it a little tougher.  I found some neat Playskool toys that have helped bring other kids over to see what they are doing.

The Honeybee Hop is so super cute.  It seems like something we used to try an invent when I was a little girl.  It swings around and they jump trying to miss the Honeybee.  The Romper Stompers can be used inside and out. It’s kind of like a balancing act. The kids love them.  And Tag Tails attach to them and the kids run around trying to catch the Tails. I found them to be very innovative and they are always a hit.

Our kids are a little more advanced than we used to be.  They are exposed to a lot more things.  It’s hard to capture their attention.  But one things for sure, physical activity and focus while they are young will help them make better choices as they grow up.  I’m also watching Dr. Phil’s show right now about the Great Fat Debate.  It’s a very interesting show. All I know for sure is that I don’t want my kids to be overweight and have to deal with the stereotypes that are out there. I want to do my part.

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