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Issue with Previous Coupons – To The Curb Edition

Issue with Previous Coupons – To The Curb Edition

If you have been on this site before you may see that there is one website missing from my line up for ways to buy old coupons.  I had two sites which I had used before and really liked getting the good coupons from.  As you may know I buy 4-5 papers per week.  But sometimes there is a really good deal like the bounty deal last week at Kroger’s.  It was an unadvertised great deal and I mean great!  I have never been able to buy Bounty paper towels for 9 cents!!! So I went to “an unamed” service to buy more. 

I was so excited.  I picked a few more and added the express shipping so I would make the sale in time.  Fast forward to last Friday when I received them short of those coupons.  According to their receipt I paid for them but there was a ‘no’ in that category I guess that should have told me that they were not available.

Well if my bill would have been short I would have noticed.  So after many emails I was told they didn’t have them and that I would receive a credit for that amount.  That was Saturday and today is Tuesday.  Still no credit.  I even checked in about it yesterday and was told that they were doing it right now.  That was about 6pm EST yesterday.  Still waiting.

Now I certainly understand being busy.  I’m sure we all are.  And of course it was a little more than $2.00 for this service to send these coupons to me.  But now it’s the principal of this deal.  Yes it’s $2.00 but I do not add anyone to this site unless I know they do a good job for you, the reader. 

They have been removed.

It’s one transaction true, but honesty is the key to success in my opinion and of course it’s just my opinion.  Some may give them another chance, but I’m not going to.  I don’t think you should have to ask more than once for your money back.

Please let me know whenever you have an issue with anyone who you learned about on my blog.  I will do what I can to make it better or they will be removed.  Plain and simple :)

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