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Father’s Day Gift Guide – Dr. Jimz Concentrated Compost Factor

Father’s Day Gift Guide – Dr. Jimz Concentrated Compost Factor

Name of the Product  Dr. Jimz Concentrated Compost Factor

Price of Product $45.99

Where it can be purchased Dr. Jimz Website


Encourages larger and more abundant fruits, Increased tree seedling growth, Larger and more flowers, Increases size and quality of fruits, Promotes recovery of stressed plants from frost, fungus, bacteria, nematodes, insect damage, and old age. Environmentally responsible and biodegradable. 

• Increase Crop Yield and Farm Profitability

• More Crops Per Year in Less Acreage

• Faster Cropping Time

• Increases Size and Weight of Vegetables OR Regular Sized Vegetables in Shorter Time.

• Induces Nematode Tolerance

• Increases Number and Size of Flowers and Fruits

• Larger, Fuller Flowers and Trees for Home and Garden Users.

• More Ornamental Flowers Per Plant

• Increases Produce Shelf Life

• Increases Lawn Stolon and Root Growth.

• Organic HOFA Approved.

• No Live Organisms! Exceeds USDA Phytosanitation.

• CCF is a Highly Concentrated Compost Tea Fertilizer derived from an edible mushroom grown on a sterile special mixture of pineapple puree, papaya puree, sugarcane molasses and water for 3 years.

• Manufacturing Process is Patent Pending Worldwide.

• Golf Courses Use CCF Syrup for Grass Growth.

• Landscapers Use CCF Syrup for Rapid Rooting and Growth 

With this product, you only need to use 4 drops per gallon. It works great!


Do you have a Dad with a green thumb?  Dr. Jimz has a wonderful product that will make your plants grow like mad.  We all know that compost will definitely help your plants and vegetables grow but most of us do not want to put the work in for that.  When you get the Concentrated Compost Factor you get all of that goodness.  My son gave me a plant for Mother’s Day and let’s just say I don’t have a green thumb maybe an off green thumb.  Just a few drops is all you need and this plant really came back to life.  It looks very green and healthy and that’s only after a week’s use.  Check it out for yourself.  Your Dad will love the thoughtfulness of your gift.

I received a sample of this product to review at no charge but my opinions are not influenced in any way by this fact. They are my own.

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