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Do Tell Family Version Review and Giveaway


  Game night for the family just got 10 times better!  If you want your family to really communicate, you have to try the game Do Tell.  Recently I had the opportunity to try it out.  We ordered pizza and sat down at the table to play.  It's really easy to play but it really gets you thinking.  You roll the dice and move around the board to a spot.  Then you pick up the associated card … [Read more...]

Tropical Traditions Dish Liquid Review and Giveaway


I was a lot of dishes which is really sad because I have a dishwasher :0)  But there is something about getting those pans cleaned by hand.  I make sure they are done and don't have to be repeated in the dishwasher because it missed something.  So I go through a lot of Dish Liquid.  This weekend I tried out Tropical Traditions Dish Liquid.  It is free of Fragrances Dyes Petroleum … [Read more...]

$20 Pear Tree Giveaway


It's getting warmer outside.  If you are the winner of this great giveaway you can spend it on anything on the Pear Tree Greetings site.  Here are some great ideas.....kid’s birthday party invitations.  They have added some new invites, thank you cards, gift tags and address labels – they look fabulous! Also, with spring here and Easter around the corner, They have great Easter Photo Cards … [Read more...]

Infiniti Pro Conair Hair Care Prize Pack Review and Giveaway


Good hair dryers are hard to find.  You can always find a hair dryer but not always a good one.  I want one that I can take anywhere and will dry and straighten my hair.  I have very curly hair and getting it straight is not easy.  I tried out the Inifiniti Pro Conair Hair Dryer and was pleasantly surprised.  Here are the specifics... 1875 watts AC motor delivers more powerful, faster … [Read more...]

Pear Tree Graduation Thank You Cards Giveaway

thank you cards

Graduation is upon us!  And the great part about this season is it is actually my graduation as well.  I completed 3 years of college and stopped because of 'life'.  It wasn't easy to return but it's the best thing I ever did.  I graduate on May 7th so I just loved checking out the Graduation and Thank You cards that Pear Tree Greetings has.  Check out Pear Tree Greetings awesome new … [Read more...]

Tropical Traditions Organic Hair Oil Review and Giveaway


I love finding products that make my hair feel so silky and smooth.  If you are looking for something that makes your hair feel like soft and smooth try out Tropical Traditions Organic Hair Oil.  After I wash my hair it seems dry sometimes but the Organic Hair oils are great for that problem.  I also put some on at night.  No more dry hair. It's also good for children's hair.  No matter … [Read more...]

Smarty Had a Party Review and Giveaway


  Smarty Had a Party is the newest and greatest in disposable flatware and party dishes.  It looks so good that you will think that it's the real thing.  No more of those plastic white items.  Make your party look absolutely fab.  I had the wonderful opportunity to try them out.  I can't tell you how many times my family said "but I can throw them away?'  They couldn't believe that they … [Read more...]

Vlasic Pickles Review and Giveaway


Have you tried Vlasic Pickles?  They are so yummy!  I can eat them alone or with a sandwich.  Recently I told you about their awesome recipes here.  Hopefully you had the chance to test them out on your Super Bowl guests. They are always fresh and a jar may stay in my refrigerator 2 days tops.  They entire family enjoys them so as soon as I pop the jar open there is a steady stream going … [Read more...]

No Bake Key Lime Cheesecake Bars Review/Giveaway


  I absolutely love cheesecake.  It is really my dessert of choice.  But I had never tried Key Lime Cheesecake so I was excited to try No Bake Key Lime Cheesecake Bars from Plentiful Pantry because it combines my love of Cheesecake and Key Lime.  Mmmm. It was really simple to make.  The Dessert Kit comes with most of the ingredients.  You just add butter, water and cream cheese.  It … [Read more...]

Yu-Gi-Oh! Bonds Beyond Time 3D Prize Pack Giveaway


    In the future, the world has taken a turn for the worse. Civilization is on the brink of extinction. All hope of a brighter tomorrow has been cloaked with dark uncertainty. One man, however, thinks he can do something about it. With his world crumbling into chaos, a maniacal masked menace known as Paradox figures out a way to travel through time so that he can eliminate the scourge that he … [Read more...]

$20 Gift Certificate to Pear Tree Greeting Cards Giveaway


Do you know of someone who has a wedding coming up?  These cards look absolutely fabulous!  I don't remember there being such cute cards when I was engaged to be married.  To take a look at the entire line click here. Pear Tree Greetings has a special giveaway for Coupon Scribbles readers.. 1 winner will $20 credit to be used towards anything in on the Pear Tree Greeting site.   To … [Read more...]

Salada All Natural Green Tea Review/Giveaway


Do you love tea?  I love to try different teas - it's like a moment of pleasure for me especially when it is cold outside.  I do like cold tea but my favorite is warm tea.  There is just something about coming in from the cold and having some tea.  Mmmm good.  I bet you already  know that Salada has yummy Green Tea, but did you know about the Pomegranate Berry and Tropical Mango with Mate' … [Read more...]

Tropical Traditions Organic Canadian Raw Honey Review and Giveaway


We are trying to eat healthier but it's not always easy.  Sugar is in everything and some of those sugar substitutes are not tasty and you never know what is actually in them.  I wanted to try Organic Canadian Raw Honey as a substitute because I have been happy with Tropical Traditions products but also because it's better for our health.  I tried it initially in my tea and I can definitely … [Read more...]

Chloraseptic Lozenges & Throat Spray Review/Giveaway


It's winter so you know those colds seem to find us.  I do everything I can to try to keep my family from getting sick but we still seem to have a few colds over the course of the winter/spring season complete with sore throats.  Chloraseptic is the name that I grew up on and is still around.  That says a lot about a company.  It still works well.  I had the opportunity to try out the Cherry … [Read more...]

Dapper Snapper Kids Belts Review & Giveaway

dapper snapper2

  Dapper Snapper must have heard me complaining about my son's belts.  It's so difficult to find and keep a belt on a four year old.  He seems to be growing up (95th percentile) but not out (70th percentile) and clothes are a nightmare.  They are too short and fit in the waist or fit just right in length and you can fit his action figures in there with him.  Boys belts are not really … [Read more...]

Roundabouts Cupcake Sleeves Review & Giveaway


  This is such a cute idea.  I was glad that I had the opportunity to try them out.  Roundabouts take care of your cupcake - they are no longer naked!! LOL.  Dress them up anyway you like them.  There are at least 80 different designs like for the holidays or birthdays and just for fun.  Description The owner is a busy mom of two that invented a new product called Roundabouts® … [Read more...]

Brilliant Lenses Screen Cleaning Wipes Review & Giveaway


  I'm on the computer a lot and I really do try to keep the screen clean but it becomes a maddening job because I have a little one who will eat a donut and then touch the screen "look mommy" and then I'm looking through icing at a website.  I do it too.  If I had make up on or something ( you know every now and then) and then I always forget I have eyeshadow on and touch my fingers over … [Read more...]

Progresso Soup Review and Giveaway

progresso soup2

It's wintertime so my family eats a lot of soup.  We do still enjoy it in the summer but not as much as in the winter.  There is something about coming in from 20 degrees and having a hot bowl of soup...yum!  Progresso soup is one of our favorite soups because its very thick and tasty.  Other soups make you feel as though you had broth and you may feel hungry after you are done.  Never with … [Read more...]