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Tropical Traditions Organic Canadian Raw Honey Review and Giveaway


We are trying to eat healthier but it's not always easy.  Sugar is in everything and some of those sugar substitutes are not tasty and you never know what is actually in them.  I wanted to try Organic Canadian Raw Honey as a substitute because I have been happy with Tropical Traditions products but also because it's better for our health.  I tried it initially in my tea and I can definitely … [Read more...]

Chloraseptic Lozenges & Throat Spray Review/Giveaway


It's winter so you know those colds seem to find us.  I do everything I can to try to keep my family from getting sick but we still seem to have a few colds over the course of the winter/spring season complete with sore throats.  Chloraseptic is the name that I grew up on and is still around.  That says a lot about a company.  It still works well.  I had the opportunity to try out the Cherry … [Read more...]

Dapper Snapper Kids Belts Review & Giveaway

dapper snapper2

  Dapper Snapper must have heard me complaining about my son's belts.  It's so difficult to find and keep a belt on a four year old.  He seems to be growing up (95th percentile) but not out (70th percentile) and clothes are a nightmare.  They are too short and fit in the waist or fit just right in length and you can fit his action figures in there with him.  Boys belts are not really … [Read more...]

Roundabouts Cupcake Sleeves Review & Giveaway


  This is such a cute idea.  I was glad that I had the opportunity to try them out.  Roundabouts take care of your cupcake - they are no longer naked!! LOL.  Dress them up anyway you like them.  There are at least 80 different designs like for the holidays or birthdays and just for fun.  Description The owner is a busy mom of two that invented a new product called Roundabouts® … [Read more...]

Brilliant Lenses Screen Cleaning Wipes Review & Giveaway


  I'm on the computer a lot and I really do try to keep the screen clean but it becomes a maddening job because I have a little one who will eat a donut and then touch the screen "look mommy" and then I'm looking through icing at a website.  I do it too.  If I had make up on or something ( you know every now and then) and then I always forget I have eyeshadow on and touch my fingers over … [Read more...]

Progresso Soup Review and Giveaway

progresso soup2

It's wintertime so my family eats a lot of soup.  We do still enjoy it in the summer but not as much as in the winter.  There is something about coming in from 20 degrees and having a hot bowl of soup...yum!  Progresso soup is one of our favorite soups because its very thick and tasty.  Other soups make you feel as though you had broth and you may feel hungry after you are done.  Never with … [Read more...]

Tie Buddies Review and Giveaway

tie buddies boys

    Do you have a little one that is ready to learn how to tie his or her shoes.  I have a four year old that is ready to learn but doesn't really have the skills quite yet.  I was so happy to try out Tie Buddies.  It was invented by a Mom - Yay!  We know our stuff :)  You put the cute little tabs on the loop and show them how to tie.  The little tabs really help them remember which … [Read more...]

My Little Pony Friendship Adventures Giveaway


Giveaway is giving 1 lucky Coupon Scribbles Reader …. Each prize pack for "Friendship Adventures" includes: 1 Twister game 1 Deck of Playing Cards 1 "Friendship Adventures" poster   To enter, tell me what you think you will enjoy about the playing Twister. Additional Entries can be made by….. - Become a friend of Coupon Scribbles on Google … [Read more...]

Pear Tree Valentine’s Day Cards Giveaway

Valentines Day

Your kids will love these!!! Pear Tree Greetings has a special giveaway for Coupon Scribbles readers.. 1 winner will receive 24 Free Kids Valentine's Day Cards.  Take a look at them here.  They are so cute!!! To Enter... Check out the "Valentine's Day Cards here -   and tell me which ones are your favorite.  This is mandatory to win. Additional Entries can be made … [Read more...]

Tropical Traditions Glass & Surface Cleaner Review/Giveaway


With little kids it seems like you are always cleaning.  I could turn it into a full time job - ha ha I did as a stay at home mom lol.  But it's sometimes difficult to find the right cleaner.  I used to have one for glass, one for the bathroom, one for the kitchen and now I have found one that can do it all and really clean.  Tropical Traditions Glass and Surface Cleaner can clean all of your … [Read more...]

ReUsies Snack and Sandwich Bags Review/Giveaway


  My little ones are snackers.  They love to make up their own treats for the car ride.  My daughter also likes to take her breakfast with her on the school bus - always in a bag.  She can eat dry cereal...ugg.  She's goes through phases sometimes its dry and other times lots of milk.  She's a teen so her mind seems to change every 5 minutes.  We go through a lot of plastic bags.  When … [Read more...]

How to Marry a Duke Book Review and Giveaway


Want to get your year started off with a little romance.  Tessa didn't know it or didn't allow herself to really look for a suitor.  She had helped others find love and had become quite the matchmaker.  So when Tristan the Duke asked her to help him find a wife she was actually shocked.  In going through the process of looking for the best mate for him, she found herself falling for him.  It … [Read more...]

Ma Mi Natural Skin Care Review and Giveaway

ma mi products

I have really, really dry skin.  Now that it's really cold outside it seems to just flake.  Every year its the same thing....a few flakes by the nose and skin so dry it hurts.  When I had the opportunity to try Ma Mi Natural Skin Care Cleanser I jumped at the opportunity.  I'm on the search for something to take care of this problem. Ma Mi Natural Skin Care for dry skin is a foam.  It … [Read more...]

Face Candy Couture Review and Giveaway


Do you love makeup?  I have always loved makeup.  I remember getting into my mom's makeup during high school after she left in the morning for work.  It's not a shock because she always seemed to know it and would bust me each time lol.  Recently I had the opportunity to try out Face Candy Couture's wonderful eye shadows and all of the fun of makeup has returned. Face Candy Couture has … [Read more...]

Pear Tree Greetings -New Year’s Cards Giveaway


Pear Tree Greetings has a special giveaway for Coupon Scribbles readers.. 1 winner will receive 16 Free "What's Your Resolution?" - Photo New Year's Cards.  Start a new tradition or enhance one by sending out New Year's Cards to friends and family.  To Enter... Check out the "What's Your Resolution?" - Photo New Year's Cards here on the website  and tell me who would get your first … [Read more...]

Tropical Traditions Antioxidant Omega 3 Greens Review and Giveaway


Momma always said to eat your greens.  Remember that growing up and how we used to hate it.  When I grew up I found that I actually did like them.  It must have beeen something about someone making you do something :)  Tropical Traditions' Antioxidant Omega 3 Greens have found a way to easily eat your greens. It's in powder form and you can put it in a cup of water.  I tried the Berry … [Read more...]

Old Orchard Cranberry Juices Review and Giveaway


Have you ever tasted something that brought back memories?  I remember drinking juice at my grandmother's house during the summer.  Just to put it in context my grandmother loved juice.  If she gave us some it would be one cup and that was it.  We didn't have soda or anything like that.  There was also no Kool-Aid.  When I tasted Old Orchard Cranberry Juice I am reminded of her and her one … [Read more...]

Big G Cereal Movie Cash Review and Giveaway


My family loves cereal.  I think they could eat it morning, noon and night.  One of their favorite cereals is Cinammon Toast Crunch.  As soon as I received the cereal in the mail, I got that "ooh" look.  I'm not sure but I don't think the cereal made it for 24 hours without being opened :) Honey Nut Cheerios, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Lucky Charms, Trix® and Reese´s Puffs cereal are all … [Read more...]