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2010 Valentine's Gift Guide – CitySlips

2010 Valentine's Gift Guide – CitySlips


Name of the Product  CitySlips

Price of Product   $27.99

Where it can be purchased   CitySlips Website


CitySlips is a new, patent-pending product designed especially for woman and has recently emerged to market. CitySlips are foldable ballet flats that come with their own protective carrying case. They can be stored in any standard bag, allowing women to switch easily into more comfortable footwear after any well-heeled event. The best part? The CitySlips pouch then converts into a larger tote bag to store those “killer” high heels. It is the total-package solution to your sore feet!

Having lived in the city for three years as NYU students, the co-founders of the product, Susie Levitt and Katie Shea, were oh-so-familiar with the pain caused by pointy pumps and strappy stilettos. Their love/hate relationship with these fashion icons wasn’t helped by the fact that these petite powerhouses both stand no taller than 5’2”. Despite their suffering, they simply were unwilling to (totally) give up on these beloved wardrobe staples. And yet, corporate internships, subway dashes, dinner dates, the NYC social scene… all of the above led to too many moments of hobbling, near tears, back to their Union Square apartments. The front door never seemed to come soon enough.One too many encounters with shoeless socialites and barefooted babes led to their AH HA moment… and AfterSoles was born. These entrepreneurial sole-sisters came up with a concept and design that allowed women to carry back-up ballet flats comfortably, compactly, and conveniently. They’re confident that all of you well-heeded women on the go will enjoy these fabulous sole savers.

CitySlips foldable ballet flats allow girls to carry portable “back-up” footwear easily and conveniently.


This is one of the greatest ideas out there. How many times have you been out wearing heels and smiled and looked pretty.  Then on your way home you either went barefoot or put on a pair of houseshoes.  Not really very stylish but when your feet hurt they really hurt.  If you don’t know about this you certainly know the 5 oclock shuffle where in anywhere downtown you see the women walking to their car or the bus in sneakers with their suits.  Totally not cute!  CitySlips fulfills that need with totally cute slip ons.  You can put them on and not feel like your outfit has gone totally down the drain.  They are really cute and they come in the best little case which stores your heels.  Cool!  They are the essence of style and fashion when your feet are really hurting.  They are a great idea for Valentine’s Day that will really get used.

I received a sample of this product to review at no charge but my opinions are not influenced in any way by this fact. They are my own.