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2010 Valentine's Day Gift Guide – Movie Posters

2010 Valentine's Day Gift Guide – Movie Posters

Name of the Product  Movie Posters from Just Movie Posters

Price of Product  from $7

Where it can be purchased   Just Movie Posters Website


Hang a movie star on your wall with a movie poster from Just Movie Posters. Com. Now it’s possible to be eye to eye with stars from such films as: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Monsters vs Aliens, Snow White, You’ve Got Mail and more.

The site features one sheet posters (27 x 40 inches, the standard size for posters in the U.S.), mini-posters (11 x 17 inches or 13 x 19 inches) movie poster postcard, odd size posters and gift certificates for sale. Each item listing features a picture of the item, number of items available, price and other relevant information.

Established in 2000, Just Movie Posters.Com is the brainchild of Ilena Di Toro of Philadelphia. She got her start selling her brother’s childhood treasures (with his permission, of course) on Internet auction sites. They sold well and she decided to try selling movie posters. “After all, people like going to the movies,” she said. “So, who wouldn’t want a poster from their favorite movie?” In addition to her web site, Di Toro also blogs about movie posters, collecting and pop culture, as it relates to the movie industry at:


Movie posters are always a fun decorating idea.  Do you or your children have a favorite movie?  Incorporate a poster into your decorating scheme for their room or the television room.  Movie posters are much more than just the movie.  You always remember what you were doing when your favorite movie came out.  It’s a bit of your history.  Movie posters are a great idea for Valentine’s Day or any gift giving time.

I received a sample of this product to review at no charge but my opinions are not influenced in any way by this fact. They are my own.