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2010 Valentine's Day Gift Guide – Beauty Silkz Silk Charmeuse Pillowcase

2010 Valentine's Day Gift Guide – Beauty Silkz Silk Charmeuse Pillowcase

Name of the Product  Beauty Silkz Silk Charmeuse Pillowcase

Price of Product $19.99

Where it can be purchased   Beauty Silkz website


Ashley Jones (“The Bold and the Beautiful,” “TRUE BLOOD,” “FLASHFORWARD”) actually developed the beauty product called the Beauty Silkz silk charmeuse pillowcase. 

  • Amazing new pillowcase that makes you wake up looking younger 
  • Sleep on 100% Silk Charmeuse, with natural proteins and essential amino aids, which nourish your skin and hair
  • Does not absorb moisture from skin and hair while you sleep
  • Wake up without sleep lines and creases 
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Great for sensitive skin 
  • Sleep cooler and more comfortably 
  • Exclusive non slip cotton/poly backing 
  • Best beauty sleep you will ever have 
  • Skin and hair look softer, smoother 
  • Machine washable


I have always heard that it is great to sleep on a silk pillowcase and that it’s better for your hair.  All of these things are definitely true.  Ashley’s product gives you the ultimate in silk without a high price.  It’s so much better to sleep on this than to have your hair tied up in a scarf at night.  I remember way back when I used to hate sleeping in rollers.  I have to be free when I’m sleeping.  I usually only get 4 – 5 hours of sleep so I have to make sure that those are fairly comfortable.  They are machine washable so you don’t have to worry about an extra cost to clean it.  It also is very cool.  You know how when you lay your head down on the pillowcase it’s initially cool but then it goes to your temparature.  These pillowcases keep the coolness on your skin.  This is another great benefit for those of us who sometimes have their own “tropical island” lol.  These pillowcases make a great Valentine’s Day gift.

I received a sample of this product to review at no charge but my opinions are not influenced in any way by this fact. They are my own.


  1. kelly says:

    Thanks for reviewing this. I read about it recently. I wanted a silk pillowcase in the past, but couldn’t find just one.
    Nice idea for Vday, too.

  2. kelly says:

    My friend gave me one of AShley’s pillowcases for the holiday. I can’t sleep without it now. It makes me feel so amazing..

  3. admin says:

    You are welcome. They are awesome! You won’t want anything else