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2009 Holiday Gift Guide Silver Vase, Inc Orchids

2009 Holiday Gift Guide Silver Vase, Inc Orchids

Name of the Product Silver Vase, Inc Orchids

Price of Product $19.99 and up

Where it can be purchased Silver Vase, Inc.’s orchids are available throughout the United States and Canada at select mass-merchant retailers, independent garden centers, florists and grocery stores. You can also find Silver Vase, Inc. online here

Avoid heavy traffic and long lines at the malls with short trips to local garden centers or grocery stores. Live goods, such as orchids, are excellent, long-lasting gifts that save money and have less of an impact on the environment. These beautiful plants are not only gorgeous, they are low-maintenance, eco-friendly, design savvy additions to the home. Orchids are known to dispute more carbon dioxide than other houseplants. They increase the amount of oxygen which increases the air quality of the home. Silver Vase, Inc. offers several new varieties perfect for the holiday season.

The staff at Silver Vase, Inc. works hard to bring the most diverse assortment of orchids to the market. For the perfect holiday gift, combine a white orchid with a festive, decorative container. Silver Vase, Inc. orchids are the perfect poinsettia alternative and instantly add holiday spirit to any room.

The holiday season is littered with unnecessary packaging. With the recent green movement, consumers are more conscience of their carbon footprints. Live goods are great gifting ideas with a lower environmental impact. Orchids absorb carbon dioxide and release fresh oxygen, increasing the homes air quality. What better way to promote the environment than giving an eco-friendly gift?

You really can’t believe how beautiful the orchids are by Silver Vase. It is tall and majestic and commands the presence in the room. It is perfect for the dining room table when you are entertaining and also just as perfect on your window sill. Most women love flowers. Men who read my blog should especially note “We would like this as a gift!” Moms I hope they take the hint :)

I received a sample of this product to review at no charge but my opinions are not influenced in any way by this fact. They are my own.